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“One of the hardest things a person can do is find their integral center and voice and then right line one's life to live in service of others. Leaving 6 Figures is an incredible story about the bravery it takes to give your life to your greatest calling at all costs. This book leaves the reader asking the big question, 'Am I living my best life?' It will leave you inspired to start your own journey! I am left in awe and inspired!” 

Christine Beckwith Author, Master Coach, and COO New Hampshire 

Discussion with Hard Money Bankers, Ian Walsh, and his take on Leaving 6 Figures  

“The best part of this book is that it is a workbook showing how to map out and achieve your goals. Writing down answers and having a plan to follow helped me organize my future and changed my mindset of where I see myself in the next year. John's honesty made me feel like good things can happen to ordinary people. Reading John's struggles in life of where he came 

from to where he is now gave me the courage to realize you can only talk about what you want to do or what you hate in life for so long. You need to take ACTION and this book will give you the courage to take control over your destiny and start doing what you love. If you are unhappy and feel stuck take action, read and embrace Leaving 6 figures and start living the life you are entitled to! ”

Suzanne Layser Florida 

“The book, Leaving Six Figures, takes the reader on a journey of encouragement and motivation as the author teaches his audience how to obtain sustainable financial freedom. The anecdotes he shares are riveting in addition to sprinkles of humor, leaving one in a hurry to turn the page. The chapters culminate in a mind-expanding,  

self-help section. This book offers help for all age demographics, from the high school senior needing help with goal setting as they ask what’s next, to the 30-something with a vision, to the soon-to-retire or retiree needing the ability to amass and grow obtainable wealth for themselves as well as their legacy."

Diann Owens Philadelphia, PA

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As referenced in Leaving 6 Figures 

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